Renovation Atholl Place

sash window restoration

Here we renovated and restored the sash windows in two flats next to each other. We restored the windows in two properties next to each other. Word of mouth spreads fast, especially when our high standard professional work is seen. We have restored just about every shape and size of sash window. It’s amazing how in can improve the look of your property, not to mention keeping the heat in and the bills low. Get in touch today for a no obligation quote. For painting services please get in touch with our sister company: The Sash and Case Painting Company

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Double Glazed Sashes

In Edinburgh’s beautiful listed buildings, the original look of the windows needs to be retained. With the coming winter a bit more insulation is needed. We can provide original looking double glazed sashes. Which will in turn reduce your bills and keep noise at a much lower level. It’s a perfect investment for your family home. The short term cost is little in comparison the long term gain. We are experienced professionals who can carry out this work to high standards with minimal disruption to your home life. Please get in touch today for a no obligation quote or advice…

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Restoration Howard Street

Sash Windows Howard Street

A restoration we carried out in Howard Street in Edinburgh. Three out of five windows where we restored the existing cases and fitted new double glazed sashes to them. This saved our happy customer thousands compared to having an entirely new set of sash and case windows fitted. We also painted them inside and out. Beautiful, another job done to perfection. Please get in touch today for a no obligation quote. We are happy to advise you on the best course of action to get your windows looking as good as new. If you need any painting services please contact…

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Gladstone Place Restoration

Gladestone Place Restoration

Gladstone Place Restoration. Three out of eight windows we draught proofed and renovated at Gladstone Place Edinburgh. We also painted them inside and out, providing protection for years to come. Our customer was delighted with the results. This Victorian bay window is back to it’s former beauty. Please contact us today for a no obligation quote or advice on 0131 538 8886 or email If you need painting services, please contact our sister company: The Sash and Case Painting Company

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Restoration Forth Street

Here is a picture of a job we undertook in Forth Street in Edinburgh. We fitted three new single glazed sash and case windows. Renovated and painted them all inside & out. As you can see the results are beautiful. The renovation has really brightened up the room. Summer is a great time to undertake improving your home. Call us today for advice or a no obligation quote. Our team is highly professional and safety is our prime concern. You can rely on us to comply with all current government guidance when carrying out quotes or work. For painting services…

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Renovation in Clermiston Road Edinburgh

These are 7 of the 11 windows that we renovated and replaced the sashes with new double glazed ones at Clermiston Road.   They keep the traditional look with all the benefits of double glazing.  Customer delighted.  Summer is a great time to get your windows renovated.  Get in touch soon and we can give you a free estimate.  

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