Restoration Stanley Road

We renovated and draughtproofed nine windows in this beautiful house in Stanley Road in Trinity. The difference is amazing. These windows can last over one hundred years if cared for properly. It will keep your house warm while making your property look fantastic. For Painting Services contact our sister Company

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Traditional Style Double Glazing

double glazed sash

This is one of four double glazed sashes we installed at Brairbank Terrace in Edinburgh. You can barely it’s double glazed. Makes the property look fantastic having nice new windows keeping the traditional style with all the benefits of double glazed. Massive sound reduction indoors and much cheaper bills through the winter. You’ll really notice the extra warmth. Summer is an excellent time to get this sort of work done. Give us a call or drop us an email and our highly skilled professional team will give you advice and a no obligation quote on how to get the most…

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Double Glazed Sashes Haymarket Edinburgh

Double Glazed Sashes Haymarket Edinburgh Here are some of 12 windows we supplied & fitted.  We added  new double glazed sashes to the existing cases at Haymarket Terrace in Edinburgh.  We did four windows three months ago and they were so happy they got us back to do the rest, they say the noise difference is absolutely incredible.  This is a great option if you live near a busy road, great for a good night’s sleep and super warm.

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