Sample Quotes

Sash Windows Edinburgh

Find below some sample quotes for our services:

Basic Window restoration:

  • Replacing rotten timber in sills & casements. Repair or replacement on sashes.
  • Draughtproofing sashes & fitting new parting beads.
  • Replacing sash cords with waxed cotton cords with a nylon core.
  • Sanding of the window cases by hand
  • Sanding the sashes with a sander & the cases by hand until smooth.
  • Painting the exterior of the windows providing a weather resistant three coat finish.
  • Removing the existing sand mastic, applying expanding foam, cutting back and re-pointing using traditional sand mastic.
  • Having paint scanned and matched.  Touching up paint to match existing paint on the new parting beads
  • Installing new ironmongery such as locks, hinges, cord clutches and sash eyes to allow the window to swing in for cleaning/maintenance and so the top window can be opened with a sash pole.

£400-£500 per window depending on size and style.

Window restoration with draughtproofing & double glazed units:

  •  Removing existing glass, routing a deeper groove into the sash check.
  • Fitting new double glazed units to the sashes.
  • Puttying in the new double glazed units.
  • Upgrading the sash weights to counter balance the weight of the new windows.

£700-£900 per window depending on size and style.

These are sample quotes, they will give you a fair idea of the potential costs.  Costs will vary depending on the specifics of each job of course.  We will do our best to give you good value for money and professional service you can feel confident in.

Sash and Case Windows Edinburgh