Draught Proofing

Sash Window Draught Proofing

draught proofing EdinburghThe benefits of draught proofing

We fully recommend the installation of draught proofing to all our Edinburgh & Lothians customers’ sash and timber windows to eliminate draughts and reduce noise, while not effecting the traditional look of the windows.

Once installed, draught proofing your sash windows will not only have a dramatic effect on the thermal efficiency of your residence, but your sash window will function with ease, moving smoothly and quitely with no more jams or rattles! With any restoration or repair job, where sash windows are removed, we thoroughly suggest installing sash window draught proofing at this point, maximising on the window improvements.

  • Existing staff bead and parting bead removed
  • Sashes removed from window frames
  • Window rot and damage repaired (if required)
  • New draught proofing partings bead fitted to sash windows
  • New sash window cords fitted
  • Sash Windows aligned and balanced
  • All new window draught proofing beads will be primed and painted
  • Huge reduction in draughts
  • Reduction in noise from windows
  • Draught proofing of your existing sash windows provides improvement to thermal efficiency of your living space
  • Improvement to up and down movement of the window sashes
  • Reduction in window rattles and jams, smooth running of sashes

Draught proofing Edinburgh

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