New Double Glazed Sashes Afton Terrace Edinburgh

This is a job in Afton Terrace in Edinburgh, we renovated the existing cases and fitted new double glazed sashes and painted inside and out.  No need to sacrifice the traditional look for the benefits of double glazing.  Considering the recent temperatures this is a great move to keep the house toasty warm and reduce those heating bills!

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Double glazed sash windows

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double glazed sash windows. This is one of three windows we fitted with double glazed sashes and draught proofing. We also painted inside and out. You can’t tell by looking that they’re double glazed but you can certainly tell by warmth not to mention massive noise reduction. This flat will be protected from the elements for years to come. Call us today for a no obligation quote on 0131 538 8886 or email If you need painting services Please Contact our sister company The Sash and Case Painting Company

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Draught proof and Renovation, Dean Park Crescent Edinburgh

Sash Window Repair

Here are eight windows we draught proofed and renovated at Dean Park Crescent last year, the customer got us to come back and replace the sashes on the six dormer windows  above with double glazed sashes and restore the cases.  At The Sash and Case Restoration Company we offer a high quality professional service, as a result we often get repeat customers, so you can be assured our work will be completed to the highest standard. Call us today for a no obligation quote!

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Happy New Year!! Bring in the new year with new windows and reduced bills.

Sash Windows Edinburgh

Happy New Year!! Bring in the new year with new windows and reduced bills. These are three of eight windows we restored and added double glazing to the sashes. You can barely tell they’re double glazed, keeping traditional style with the benefits of modern double glazing is important in our historic Edinburgh buildings

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Double Glazed Windows, Leslie Place Edinburgh

Double Glazed Sash installed, Leslie Place Edinburgh Double glazing on traditional sash windows retains the traditional look while reducing noise and insulating  your house from the cold.  This will reduce your energy bills massively and give you a better nights sleep.  Contact us for a free estimate from our experienced and highly professional team.

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