Gladstone Place Restoration

Gladestone Place Restoration

Gladstone Place Restoration. Three out of eight windows we draught proofed and renovated at Gladstone Place Edinburgh. We also painted them inside and out, providing protection for years to come. Our customer was delighted with the results. This Victorian bay window is back to it’s former beauty. Please contact us today for a no obligation quote or advice on 0131 538 8886 or email If you need painting services, please contact our sister company: The Sash and Case Painting Company

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Sash and Case Windows

This is a picture of two double glazed sash and case windows we fitted in a basement flat in Cumberland Street. As you can see it’s brightened up the whole outside of the flat. Basement flats can often be subject to lots of street noise, especially with Edinburgh’s famous cobbled streets. Our expertly installed double glazed sash windows will reduce this to almost nothing. It will also be much warmer inside, helping you enjoy having a warm house without the sting from heating bills. It’s really important to keep damp out of basements and this will help massively. Get in…

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Logan St Renovation

Sash Window Repair

This is a window we renovated in Logan St in Edinburgh. We took out the old rotted frame and built a new one from scratch. We painted inside and out also. Most windows are pretty unique so over the years we have built up a fantastic joinery and painting team that can adapt their skills to almost anything. For painting services please get in touch with our sister company:

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Sash Windows Marchmont


Here are three of five windows we fitted double glazed sashes to the existing cases. Great for keeping the heat in and the noise out while retaining the traditional look and feel of the windows. This is definitely the time of year to start thinking about improving the insulation of your house. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you with your home. It might be less expensive than you think. Call us on Get in touch today! Telephone: 0131 538 8886 Mobile: 07740023793 If you need any painting services please contact our sister…

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Sash Window Restoration-Newhaven

Sash Window Restoration-Newington. This is a Sash Window Restoration we carried out in Newhaven in Edinburgh. We fully renovated these windows with new frames and glass. We also installed draughtproofing to seal these windows against the elements. We’re very lucky in Edinburgh to be next to the sea, but it means it’s extra important to protect your home from chilly air. Please Call us today for a no obligation quote on: 07789 671652 or 0131 538 8886 If you need any painting services pleas contact our sister company The Sash and Case Painting Company

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Sash Window Restoration

Sash and Case Restoration

These are two out of fourteen windows we lovingly restored in Gloucester Place in Edinburgh. With the wind freshening up a bit it’s a good time to start preparing for the colder weather. Winter is much better with non rattling draughtproofed windows, even adding double glazing to improve insulation and reduce noise. You’ll sleep much easier. Give us a call today and we can come out to advise you on the best steps to take. Your traditional windows will look authentic but have all the benefits of modern windows. If you need any painting services pleas contact our sister company…

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Sash Restoration Murrayfield Edinburgh

Sash Window Restoration Murrayfield Edinburgh

This a picture of six out of eleven windows we restored in Murrayfield in Edinburgh. We restored the cases to original condition and fitted new double glazed sashes and painted inside and out. This saved the customer an absolute fortune on a total replacement. Not only is restoration an economical decision it also helps to retain the traditional look of the windows adding value and warmth to your property. Please get in touch and we can advise you on the best route to getting your windows ship shape again.

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