Sash Window Restoration in Dublin Street

We restored these beautiful Art Deco Windows in Dublin Street Edinburgh.  We added new mastic sanded them down, repaired the casement and repainted.  Looking fantastic for windows over 100 years old. Please get in touch if you are looking for restoration or even advice on any age shape size or type of Sash Window.   Let us bring your windows back to their former glory!

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Window Draughtproofing and Renovation in Edinburgh

We recently carried out a renovation and draught proofing of this poor window in Musselburgh. It was in a sorry state when we arrived.  As you can see, a lovely Edinburgh tenement window restored to it’s former glory and draught proofed against the elements. Click the link on the right to contact us for a quotation or give us a call.  We take pride in our work and are happy to advise you to find the best solution for your Sash and Case windows.  

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Windows renovated in Morningside Park

Sash Windows Edinburgh

Three windows we draught proofed and renovated in Morningside Park, Edinburgh. As you can see from the blossom on the trees Spring has well and truly begun. An excellent time to start thinking about getting your sash windows restored. Please get in touch for a no obligation quote! Have a look at our sample quotes to get an idea of our pricing Get in touch today!!

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