New Sashes

New Sashes

If you would like to preserve the overall look of your property or your original sash windows are beyond repair then our company is able to supply and fit new sashes.

The new sashes that we can offer can be produced in several styles. This is advantageous because it allows you to replicate the windows that would have been present when your property was first constructed. When replacing your sash windows we will ensure that the detail moulding and profile of your new sashes matches the original.

When providing our new sashes we are also able to produce double glazed sashes that hold a slim line unit. This will suit the requirements of local building control, planners and conservation officers.

When removing your existing windows you can expect our craftsmen to take attention to detail, this will minimise the disruption in your property. The opening window will then be cleaned and the new sash box will be wedged and foamed into place. The gap between the exterior of the new sash box and brickwork is then pointed using a cement fillet.You can expect the new sashes to be hung using the highest quality waxed-cotton sash cord.

At our company we have been providing new sashes for a number of years now. All of the craftsmen at our company who specialise in new sashes are fully trained and qualified to be able to supply and fit new sashes.

We have built up a good reputation over the years and our customers have returned to us and have recommended our services to other people that they know, this is due to the standard of service that we offer.

We can offer decent prices for our new sashes to those who are interested in coming to us and our prices are generally a fraction of the cost of what you can expect to spend elsewhere!

For more information about new sashes or for a free quote all you have to do is fill out our contact form, one of our team will then get back to you soon after.