As you will already know your sash window box will eventually need work carried out on the pointing. At our company we are ableSash windows pointing to replace or repair the pointing at properties in Edinburgh.

There are a number of different methods that can be used when it comes to pointing. The first method is were burnt sand and linseed oil mastic is used, this is the preferred option for listed buildings and conservation areas. The old and loose mastic around your window will be removed as is the backing that is behind it. This is replaced with expanding foam that will ultimately improve insulation. This expanding foam will also provide a solid base for the new sand mastic to be fitted against it. This will form a long lasting, completely wind and water tight flexible joint between the outside masonry and the timber frame. The new material will then be coated with PVA followed by the application of traditional sand mastic.

Another option that is available is polysulphidemastic. This is a method for sealing windows that is applied by a hand mastic gun. The mastic will cure completely but whilst doing so will also remain flexible for slight building movements.

Not a lot of people know much about pointing and the options that are available to them. When coming to us our craftsmen will be able to take the time out to discuss this service in greater depth, answering any questions that you may have. Our craftsmen will also be able to provide you with a free quote for our pointing services.

We offer decent prices for our pointing services, prices that you won’t find elsewhere! Our prices and standard of services has resulted in more people coming to us than ever before.

All of the craftsmen who deal with pointing at our company are fully qualified and trained in all aspects of this service, this means that you can expect to receive a service that is of a quality that you won’t be disappointed with.