Sash & Case Restoration

Our sash window restoration services can take a severely damaged and tired sash window and bring them back to life, functioning and looking brand new!

The sashes will be removed from the frame to be stripped of old paint and putty where loose, before various levels of sanding and repair of any damage and rot through the use of an epoxy resin.

When we restore sash windows, the frame and sashes are then expertly decorated, before the windows are refitted, replacing the sash cords, window furniture and rebalancing the windows.

We strongly recommend fitting draught proofing with any restoration work, maximising on window improvements whilst the windows are removed from the frames.

  • Sashes removed from box frames
  • Original glass removed (replaced if needed)
  • Sashes and frames hand stripped and sanded
  • Damage and rot repaired on both sashes and frames
  • Sashes and frames hand primed and repainted in your choice of paint and colours
  • New window furniture fitted
  • New sash cords fitted
  • Draught Proofing fitted, if required
  • Sash weights added if needed
  • Sashes aligned and rebalanced
  • Sashes and frames cleaned
  • Existing mastic removed, expanding foam fitted to gap trim back & re-pointed using traditional sand mastic.
  • Gives windows a new lease of life, with a smart and fresh look
  • Extends window life
  • Cost effective and offers great value
  • In keeping with look and feel of the building
  • Retains the elegance and charm of original sashes
  • Eliminates rattles and poor movement of sashes
  • Improves thermal efficiency
  • Improved security